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  • If you remember the earlier editions of this site, you may recall that there were no prices quoted. That policy still goes, especially with the addition of new manufacturers of equipment. With so many different models, horse-powers, voltages and phases it is now even harder to be specific in terms of price without an in-depth interview and/or a site visit. Although a pond’s a pond’s a pond, and an aerator’s a fountain and fountain’s an aerator, each installation is unique, and as such, requires the customization of the equipment to the ultimate site of use and particulars of the owner. We can work up a specific quote for a specific unit lickety-split though.
  • Please forgive us, it’s really better this way. It gives us the opportunity to talk with you directly about your wants and needs and expectations. You see, I believe in the hereafter. I believe you’re here after thoughtful, personal attention. You talk, Water Columns listens, and the result is a tailored fit for your pond, not something off the rack.

Welcome to the Water Columns Website

To any of you who may have followed the Water Columns website as a source of information on the latest pond fountains and aerators by the most honored manufacturers, I apologize. I also apologize to those of who may have come for literary entertainment, as my muse left me some time back.

It’s so hard to find the right website for your pond these days. While there is no lack of information on the web, how do you winnow out the wheat from the chaff? Some sites are what Elvis called, “Too much talk and not enough action.” Others, like Groucho, ask, “Do you believe in the hereafter?” and get right to what it is they’re after, if you get my drift.

Let’s face it, we’ve all got wants and needs, and if you “need” an aerator or fountain for your pond, Water Columns “wants” to get to know you and your pond. Our intentions are strictly honorable, to provide you with the proper water management equipment for your lake or pond at a fair price. Really.

OK, I DO say that to everybody, but it’s true, and I will always, always, tell you the truth!

Since the last writing, lots of water has gone through the nozzle. Otterbine Barebo, Inc., has added several new models to its lineup, in all categories, large medium and small. Pay attention, there will be a test at the end of this message. Ask about the Large Aerating Fountains (affectionately called, LARGE MARGE as a class), the Genesis and Constellation models of the C3 line, and now the Equinox. As a matter of fact, Otterbine now gives you 30 days to decide just what pattern you want, even if you THOUGHT you knew what you wanted when you ordered and then changed your mind when you saw what it was you REALLY wanted. Don’t worry, be happy.

All this talk about additions, and I haven’t mentioned that the Water Columns line up has expanded too. We are proud to announce the addition of the fountains and aerators of Aqua Control and KASCO MARINE to the family. At Water Columns, we always keep an eye out for things that seem to work well and people we can work well with. It’s good business and it just makes sense. We’ve also been lucky (and good) enough at what we do that these two fine manufacturers have noticed US and asked Water Columns to represent them. Depend on Water Columns for good equipment, made by good people, thoughtfully and simply designed for real world application at a real world price.

My personal emphasis at Water Columns has always been on function, and as a result, we may come across as a bit pedestrian. Fear not, flashy types! With the advent of Aqua Control on the scene, exhibitionism is now in vogue and encouraged. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the varieties of aerators, display aerators, and pure decorative fountains Aqua Control brings to the water, but I can tell you that if there’s a special look you have in mind, we can put it in your pond, no matter how large or small, deep or shallow your pond. To stretch the point, you don’t even have to have a pond anymore! Aqua Control offers the “bowl fountain”, that will turn a shallow driveway pool into a water feature worthy of the House of Bourbon (the French Royals, not the Bar).

All that said, Aqua Control is more than just flash. Its surface units work hard for your pond below the surface too, to aerate, beak down thermal stratification, and reduce organic deposits. Our mantra, and theirs, is “Multi-task, Multi-task, Multi-task.” Aeration and circulation do get top billing with Aqua Control’s Compressed air Lake Bed Aerators and Bottom Circulators. We can even offer re-circulating waterfall pumps to power architectural water features.

There are some folk that you just want to do business with, and the folk KASCO MARINE, are just those folk. A visit to the KASCO factory feels like visiting family, and the fountains and aerators they make, keep the feeling going. If your need or inclination is toward surface fountains or aerators, KASCO can suit you with models from hp units to 5 hp, and patterns ranging from as utilitarian as a pair of chest waders to as pretty as a prom dress. This ain’t your Father’s KASCO anymore. If you don’t want you’re your aerator to be seen at all, KASCO can make that wish come true as well. KASCO subsurface circulators work in all environments, from Equatorial to Arctic. Ask me about how KASCO circulators were used to rescue ice-locked Humpback Whales, if you’re curious. If it ever got cold enough down here in Georgia to worry about that kind of thing, KASCO dock mounted circulators can function as ice breakers for your swimming hole or marina.

The upshot of Water Columns’ expansion is that you are able to pursue the best of the best in lake and pond fountains and aerators right here at your fingertips and never leave the comfort of your cubicle (if you’re surfing on the boss’s time) or your wherever you’re sitting with your laptop or roving with your Blackberry (on your own time).